Thanks and Congratulations to Colin Baigent

Professor Colin Baigent has announced his intention to step down as chair of the RA Clinical Trials Committee after over 3 years in the role. This is an opportune moment to offer our congratulations and thanks. We congratulate him on the recently-announced SHARP study of lipid-lowering in CKD. This is the largest randomised placebo-controlled study ever conducted in nephrology and it has revealed compelling evidence for the benefits of cholesterol reduction. Colin has contributed his outstanding leadership and communication skills to make this study possible. We thank him for his leadership of the RA clinical trials committee and providing a gold standard of methodological advice to those running renal clinical studies in the UK. His list of credits is a long one and includes the seminal ASTRAL study on renal artery intervention. He will continue to play a major role in keeping clinical studies credible and realistic.

Bruce Hendry
Academic VP