Think Kidneys January Update

Report Published for Transforming Participation in Chronic Kidney Disease

The final report of the Transforming Participation in Chronic Kidney Disease (TP-CKD) programme is now published.

The programme was developed and delivered by clinicians, patients, carers and improvement experts and was a collaboration between The Renal Association and NHS England. The aim was to investigate how healthcare can support and improve people’s knowledge, skills and confidence in managing their own health and illness, using a recognised system that is transferable and comparable.

The report has identified the characteristics of a team that allow tools and ways of working to be introduced into routine clinical practice. It has posed the challenge of how to change the engagement of individuals and teams in delivering better outcomes that are important to patients. Its biggest success, though, is in showing how service users and service deliverers can work together towards a better solution.

While the TP-CKD programme has ended, work continues with TP2. This phase builds on the success and learning from TP-CKD and moves towards improvement and changing practice. TP2 focuses on how introducing interventions into practice can make a difference in improving the knowledge, skills and confidence of people living with CKD. You can find out more here.


Kidney PREM

Over 13,000 patients from across the UK responded in the 2018 Kidney PREM. The data was released to renal units before the end of 2018 and a written report will be published later this month.



Renal units across the UK are coming together, through the Kidney Quality Improvement Network regions, to learn about quality improvement (QI), and to plan and carry out collaborative QI projects together. Each unit involved is being led by nominated multi-professional QI leads.

The North West and the East and West Midlands QI leads have each gone through leadership programmes in partnership with Shortsmoor. This included a ‘Leadership into Action’ work-shop where teams came together and focused on co-designing their national project – MAGIC and Transplant First in the North West, and Home Therapies for the East and West Midlands – and putting their leadership training into practice. Both regional QI projects will be launched early this year and will be run alongside QI, measurement and change management training for the QI leads, delivered through KQuIP.

The leads from the South West and Oxford and Thames Valley will be undergoing their leadership training in February and March this year.

Following on from the Paediatric KQuIP national day, the paediatric centres across the UK and Ireland will be meeting at the BAPN AGM in January to finalise their quality improvement priorities.


Since the autumn of 2017 we have been producing quarterly reports to all the 196 England CCGs about their AKI rate and national AKI mortality. The missing laboratories mean that at present we cannot provide any estimate for about 30 CCGs, but we highlight to them which laboratories are not providing data to help them move to a state where we can.

From early 2019 the CCG reports will be available on-line for people to freely download, and the CCG and Hospital AKI rates will be published in a planned AKI annual report from the UKRR in the middle of 2019.

AKI data report for October 2018 is available on the Think Kidneys website.