Think Kidneys: Kidney Quality Improvement Partnership (KQuIP) Programme Update

The Renal Association and KQuIP continues to strongly support quality improvement in the UK kidney community. KQuIP has delivered 4 successful regional days in 2017/18 and is working to support the delivery and embedding of quality improvement in the agreed national priority areas within the regional networks in 2018. KQuIP will also continue to work with and support future regions in 2018. Watch this space.


KQuIP will be delivering three exciting and interactive pop up sessions at UKKW around each of the National Priority Projects. There will be one session on each day so keep an eye out for the one that most interests you or your region . More details to follow.

Regional QI Days

KQuIP has already supported the delivery of the QI days within the West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber, East Midlands and the North West region and is now working towards the delivery of one of the three national projects, providing project management support, methodology, training and education and leadership skills. This is truly an exciting time for KQuIP and the regions involved. We look forward to improving quality over the coming year. Further information on the regions can be found here.

KQuIP is also looking to deliver further regional days in 2018 and the following regions have already signed up: Oxford and Thames Valley, the South West and a national paediatric network.

National QI Projects:

Transplant First – KQuIP have packaged this project and are ready for regional roll out. For more information visit the KQuIP website here.

MAGIC (Managing Access by Generating Improvements in Cannulation) is currently underway and will be launched this year. You can find out more about MAGIC on the KQuIP website here.

Home Therapies – KQuIP presented at the 10th Annual Dialysis Conference and launched the QI initiative that will focus on reducing variation across regions with the aim to increase numbers of Home Therapies. Further information on Home Therapies will follow shortly on the KQuIP website here.


A growing online repository of learning & QI resources. We are always looking to add new QI case studies or resources to the hub. For further information on how to share your QI stories please visit here.

E-Learning Platform

The Renal Association has purchased an Elearning platform that will be free to access for all users and will link in with KQuIP to ensure free high quality training can be made available to those within the kidney community who would benefit from it. More information to follow in the coming months.

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