‘Think Kidneys’ Programme: Patient Measures Update

The UK Renal Registry has been awarded additional funding from NHS England to build on the knowledge and learning that we have achieved from the Transforming Participation in Chronic Kidney Disease (TP-CKD) Programme over the past two years. The aim is to continue working with six exemplar units to develop the following hypothesis:

“Improving clinical support for enhancing patient skills, knowledge and confidence will be a driver for delivering increased patient activation and result in improved outcomes”

The programme will focus on the evaluation of Patient Activation (a patient’s self-reported skills, knowledge and confidence in managing their own health) and its impact upon Patient Reported Outcomes, clinical symptoms and health resource utilisation in a low clearance population.

The registry will continue to process patient reported measures and share resources for doing so with all the renal units who took part in the TP-CKD programme.

The national adult Patient Reported Experience Measure 2017 data from England and Wales has been available for clinical directors to view via the Renal Registry CD forum since December.  At the end of this month, a national report will be published detailing the results, with analysis undertaken by the University of Hertfordshire.