Think Kidneys Programme Update

The UK Renal Registry has been awarded additional funding from NHS England to build on the knowledge and learning that we have achieved from the Transforming Participation in Chronic Kidney Disease (TP-CKD) Programme over the past two years. The aim is to continue working with four exemplar units and will focus on the evaluation of Clinical Support for Patient Activation(CS-PAM) and how the introduction and testing of an intervention such as coaching impacts upon Patient Activation (a patient’s self-reported skills, knowledge and confidence in managing their own health) Patient Reported Outcomes, clinical symptoms and health resource utilisation in a low clearance population.

The national adult CKD Patient Reported Experience Measure 2017 report has recently been published highlighting three key service areas that patients scored lowest – Transport, needling and sharing decisions about your care. This report can be accessed here.

The CKD PREM 2018 is underway during June with an electronic version available here.