Travel Grant report – Dr Zainab Arslan

Every year, through a competitive process, the BAPN supports trainees to present their work at various international meetings. We are delighted to share with you the report from Dr Zainab Arslan (ST7 Paediatric Nephrology).

“Thanks to the support of the BAPN, I had the opportunity to attend the ESPN Annual Conference in Antalya (Turkey) in Oct 2018. Having just started my Grid training, it was the perfect opportunity to learn what’s new in the world of paediatric nephrology.

I learned a great deal during my time at the conference.
From listening to experts debate on whether early aggressive management of congenital nephrotic syndrome was needed to attending ‘Disaster Nephrology’ lecture by Prof Sever, the meeting provided both food for thought for future endeavours and time to reminisce how far we have come in our field.
I also had the opportunity to present my abstract “Rejection episodes, viraemia prevalence and immunosuppression switches within the first year for paediatric renal transplant recipients commenced on immunosuppression protocol of azathioprine, tacrolimus and steroids with basiliximab induction”. The audience also agreed that viraemias post renal transplant was a major issue in the paediatric population in their respective centres.

I look forward to applying the knowledge gained in my clinical practice and thank the BAPN for supporting with the travel grant.”