TURING trial about to launch

TURING is the first RCT in adults to compare rituximab with placebo for treatment for Minimal Change Disease and FSGS in adults. The trial has come out of discussions from the GN CSG about the difficulty in getting funding for rituximab for these patients due to a lack of evidence of efficacy in adults. Co-Chief Investigators are Lisa Willcocks from Cambridge University Hospitals and Megan Griffith from Imperial College London.
The trial has gained funding from NIHR and is currently awaiting final approval from ethics. MHRA approval has been granted. The cost of rituximab will be covered for patients in the trial, and patients in the placebo arm who relapse will also have access to rituximab via a subsequent open label phase of the study. Many units have already expressed an interest in the study, particularly those who cannot currently access rituximab for these patients, but the investigators are very keen to involve everyone in The Renal Association who sees this type of patient.

Please can anyone who may be interested in taking part contact the trial team.

Lisa, Megan and the trials team will be delighted to meet with any interested parties to answer questions at Kidney Week. There will be an oral presentation of TURING at 2:10 on the Monday afternoon, the poster will be shown on Wednesday afternoon (P381), and the trial will also be discussed at the RA Glomerulonephritis CSG meeting on the Tuesday lunchtime.