UK and Ireland Renal SpR Club

The SpR Club is delighted to now officially be a part of the UK Renal Association. The Club was established in the mid-80’s to deliver twice yearly educational and networking events for trainees and it’s continued existence demonstrates the value the events still offer. The Renal Association is the natural home for the SpR Club and the club will undoubtedly benefit from being embedded into the corporate and legal structures of the RA. We hope this will be a mutually beneficial arrangement and the club will give a voice for trainees on national and regional issues relating to training. The SpR Club will continue to provide to educational and networking events twice a year for trainees, with the support of the RA and Kidney Research UK, but additionally will sit across the breadth of RA committees and sub-committees, contributing to project development and delivery.

We would particularly like to thank Donal O’Donogue, Graham Lipkin, Paul Cockwell and Ron Cullen for recognizing the value of integrating trainees into the workings of the RA and for choosing the SpR Club for the conduit to achieve shared aims. I owe particular thanks to previous SpR Club Chair person Fiona Duthie, to Liz Wallin and to all the current committee for committing to the integration and for working to make it happen. We would encourage all trainees to consider becoming members of the RA and are working to ensure membership will continue to represent value for money with the development of further RA resources for trainees. If SpR’s are interested in learning more about SpR Club activities, then please contact myself or your local SpR Club representative.

Matthew Graham-Brown (@drmattgb)

Chair RA SpR Club,

On behalf of the SpR Club Committee