UK kidney biobank study hits recruitment target

Kidney Research UK and the University of Nottingham are delighted that the NURTuRE-CKD biobank project has hit the recruitment target of 3000 people in the UK.
NURTuRE is the first unique biobank for chronic kidney disease (CKD) and idiopathic nephrotic syndrome (INS) across England, Scotland and Wales. It will provide a vital resource for researchers and industry partners to unlock some of the mysteries surrounding kidney disease and help us discover new treatments, faster.

The last few patients needed to reach 3,000 were recruited this week in Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and York. In total, 15 hospitals have been involved in the NURTuRE-CKD project over the past two years. NURTuRE also plans to collect samples from 800 people with INS, and we are halfway to reaching that target too.
Each person who takes part gives samples, including blood and urine, and consent to their anonymised clinical information being held in the NURTuRE biobank.

A fantastic achievement

Maarten Taal, professor of medicine at the University of Nottingham and consultant nephrologist at the Royal Derby Hospital, who jointly leads the project said: “NURTuRE is an exciting project that will accelerate much needed research into kidney disease in the UK. This is a fantastic achievement and really something to be celebrated by everyone involved.

We are extremely thankful for the effort that has been made by staff at all the hospitals involved in recruitment and very grateful to the patients who have agreed to take part. Our task now is to encourage the 3,000 participants to continue to work with us and attend their follow-up appointment so that we can obtain further samples needed to complete the study”.

Elaine Davies, director of research operations at Kidney Research UK said: “We are delighted that 3000 people with chronic kidney disease are taking part in the NURTuRE-CKD biobank project. We will shortly start to analyse their samples and hope they will eventually reveal new ways to prevent or slow down the progression of kidney failure.”

Uniquely, any researcher accessing the samples will be required to contribute their research findings back into a central repository after publication which will enrich the information available and ultimately speed up the progress of renal research.

Still recruiting for the NURTuRE-INS (NephroS) cohort

The NURTuRE-INS (Nephros) study is still recruiting people across the UK and is over half way to recruiting the target of 800 people with idiopathic nephrotic syndrome.

The NURTuRE project is being jointly delivered through the University of Nottingham, led by Maarten Taal, supported by Fiona Robertson, co-ordinator of the NURTuRE-CKD study, and the University of Bristol, led by Moin Saleem, professor of paediatric renal medicine, supported by Liz Colby as co-ordinator for the NURTuRE-INS (NephroS) study.

The biobank is funded by AbbVie Inc, AstraZeneca, Evotec AV, Retrophin, UCB Celltech Biopharma and Kidney Research UK.

Further details are available here.