UK Kidney Research – December Update

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Gene editing possible for kidney disease

For the first time scientists have identified how to halt kidney disease in a life-limiting genetic condition, which may pave the way for personalised treatment in the future. Experts at Newcastle University, UK, have shown in a cell model and in a mouse model that gene editing could be used for Joubert syndrome to stop kidney damage in patients who have the CEP290 faulty gene.
Joubert syndrome is a brain disorder, causing varying degrees of physical, mental and sometimes visual impairments. The condition affects approximately one in 80,000 newborns, and one third also get kidney failure.

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Revealed: 35 kidney genes linked to chronic kidney disease risk

An international study lead by University of Manchester scientists has discovered the identity of genes that predispose people to chronic kidney disease.

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Research shows targets for improving brain function in kidney failure

A study of haemodialysis patients partly funded by Kidney Research UK, has found dialysis can cause short term problems with cognitive function. Everyone’s brain function decreases over time but after one year on dialysis, patients were at a slightly increased risk of worsening memory. However, the research showed patients who had a transplant and were able to stop dialysis had an improvement in memory and verbal learning brain functions. Researchers believe identifying those most at risk may help to limit side-effects.

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Intercalated Degrees

As in previous years, Kidney Research UK is offering the opportunity for medical students to apply for an Intercalated Degree (for the Academic Year 2019/20), which will support them with a sum of £5,000 (directly payable to the student) to carry out a one-year research project in an area of renal research.

Closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday 30 March 2018. Applications are now online only and accepted through our online portal.

The call and details of how to apply are available on our website.

If you have any queries, please email grants@kidneyresearchuk.org