UK Renal Registry 22nd Annual Report published


We are pleased to announce that the 22nd UKRR Annual Report – data to the end of 2018 and the UKRR 22nd Annual Report summaries for patients are now available to download.

If you would like an introduction to the types of information we produce from the data you send, then I suggest you start with the patient summaries – one for adult data and one for paediatric data. These were again developed in collaboration with the Renal Association Patient Council. We use these publications to disseminate our audit work to a wider audience.

You can either download the entire annual report or you can download individual chapters, slides of the figures for use in presentations and the two appendices detailing the methods and CCG/HB analyses.

The UKRR data portal, which was launched last year, has proved very popular and we have now developed it further to include sections on data completeness, patient measures, as well as the standard audit data analysed in our annual reports.
We would like to draw your attention, in particular, to the interactive tool in the portal which shows data completeness across a wide range of variables, by different treatment types, and over the last five years. Please experiment with this and share the results with your clinical lead and system suppliers, because we think it likely that most centres will be surprised by at least one variable which they are not consistently supplying.

As always, we very much welcome your feedback – please do get in touch.

Professor James Medcalf
Renal Association Medical Director