Update: The 19th UKRR Annual Report

Delays to publication of the Annual Report 

For a number of reasons, the 19th UKRR Annual Report (containing data up to the end of 2015) could not be published until September 2017. The biggest factor was the piecemeal transition of renal unit extracts to the new dataset (v4.2), which has meant that the content of files from quarter to quarter is less consistent and predictable. Another contributing factor has been the new acute dialysis data, which has needed considerable additional validation work at UKRR before files can be uploaded. Both of these are expected to continue to be an issue for the collection of data for the 20th Report and in addition we will be receiving and uploading the first of the CKD 4/5 data.

Revamped chapters on dialysis access and home therapies 

The 19th UKRR Annual Report also contains two revamped chapters (chapters 12 & 13), which were worked on by a small group of experts in dedicated task and finish groups. The chapters were led by renal SpRs (academic clinical fellows associated with the registry), with regular teleconferences to discuss tables and graphs and propose new angles. These demonstrate nicely how we can look deeper into the routine data to understand counterintuitive findings, such as the apparently higher chance of a function fistula with increasing age reported in the dialysis access chapter in the 18th Annual Report. There was a different motivating factor in the revamped home therapies, which explores changes over time.

The full report can be found at: www.renalreg.org/reports/2016-nineteenth-annual-report/