Monthly Update: Kidney Quality Improvement Partnership (KQuIP)


A growing online repository of learning & QI resources that can be found here. We are always looking to add new QI case studies or resources to the hub. For further information on how to share your QI stories please visit here.

Regional QI Days

KQuIP is working to support and liaise with the existing structure of regional delivery networks to ensure an effective local delivery arm and intelligence network that can deliver the spread and sustainability of embedded quality improvement. The Yorkshire and Humber region enjoyed a fantastic QI day and are now working to move forward with their actions from the day. To find out more information on how the West Midlands and the Yorkshire and Humber regional days went please visit the KQuIP website here.

KQuIP supported the delivery of the East Midlands regional day on the 12th September. It was a fantastic day of QI and the region are now working towards delivering QI projects within the region with the support of KQuIP. You can find more information here.

KQuIP are now working towards the delivery of the North West regional day which will go ahead on the 31st January 2018.

KQuIP is looking to support four further regions in 2018. If you think this may be of interest to your region then please let us know through an expressions of interest to james.mccann@renalregistry.nhs.uk by 15th October. To give you an idea of how these days work and for further information on the current regional days please visit the KQuIP website here.

National QI Projects:

Transplant First – KQuIP are currently packaging this project up for roll out across other regions. For more information visit the KQuIP website here.

MAGIC (Managing Access by Generating Improvements in Cannulation) is currently underway and will be launched next year. You can find out more about MAGIC on the KQuIP website here.

Home Therapies – KQuIP presented at the 10th Annual Dialysis Conference and launched the QI initiative that will focus on reducing variation across regions with the aim to increase numbers of Home Therapies. Further information on Home Therapies will follow shortly on the KQuIP website here.

Renal Leadership Training.

KQuIP organised and supported the delivery of an excellent 2 day leadership course in September. This first course, entitled Leading People, was aimed at clinical directors.  The course aims to develop the self-awareness, effective behaviours, leadership skills and understanding to become competent, confident and resilient senior leaders of Renal Services.  It has received fantastic feedback which can be found here. One attendee fed back “This is not your run of the mill leadership course. The hands on approach and challenging feedback, offer an incredible opportunity for personal and leadership growth. I’m really looking forward to practising what I’ve learnt.” This is a really exciting opportunity and based on the feedback received, KQuIP will be looking to spread this course and make it available to leaders within the wider renal community. Further details on the course including the programme can be found here.

Click here for KQuIP’s quarterly E-Newsletter from October for more information and sign up for regular programme updates on the KQuIP website here.