Update: World Kidney Day

The Renal Association is working closely with the Kidney Charities Together Group to ensure we have the highest UK profile yet for WKD2018.

The social media campaign is hotting up – please use the hashtag #WorldKidneyDay and follow ‪@kidneydayUK‪ on Twitter and on Facebook.  In keeping with this year’s theme, we have written a separate leaflet in lay language on Women’s Health (focusing on pregnancy, lupus and UTIs) or the World Kidney Day pack distributed by the Kidney Charities Together group.

PLEASE DO REGISTER FOR YOUR COPY OF THE PACK BY CONTACTING info@worldkidneyday.co.uk or completing the online form at www.worldkidneyday.co.uk and let them know what you are planning on the day.

The centre piece of the day will be a meeting on Pregnancy and Kidney Disease, running from 10.30am – 3pm with lunch, hosted at the RCP in London and opened by the President of the RCP, Prof Jane Dacre.  We are hoping to stream it live nationally and internationally.  The final programme will be available shortly and will combine patient stories about particular aspects of kidney disease and pregnancy (e.g. planning, pre-eclampsia, transplantation) and each patient presentation followed by an expert talk.   We hope there will be many patients and children attending but also very strong representation from the professional renal community – half our patients at least are women, many hope to have children and this is an exceptionally important, and still neglected / underestimated, topic for them.

Watch this space for more information on how to register but in the meantime, please save the date, start planning your local events, and let us know what they are!