World Kidney Day 2018

Help us bring together millions of people across the world and unite with one powerful voice for kidney health awareness.

We are encouraging renal/transplant units in hospitals all over the UK to work together with individuals and patient groups, to support the day by organising an activity or event. The aim is to draw public attention to the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to keep the kidneys healthy, what can be done to protect kidneys before disease strikes, and to assist patients who already have chronic kidney disease. Following the global theme, there will also be a focus on kidney disease and women’s health.


Professor Liz Lightstone is leading the campaign on behalf of The Renal Association in the United Kingdom.

Ideas for activities and downloadable resources will be available at www.worldkidneyday.co.uk

Contact info@worldkidneyday.co.uk to register your interest and apply for a support pack.