KQuIP COVID-19 vaccine progress map

KQuIP COVID-19 vaccine progress map

KQuIP have produced a map to visually represent the roll-out of the first COVID-19 vaccination across the in-centre dialysis patient population in the UK.

Its purpose is to show progress, offer support to areas who cannot access the COVID-19 vaccine and over time to share learning. 

Information feeding into the map is captured by the Kidney Quality Improvement Partnership (KQuIP) through communication with kidney teams and regional networks. 

Thanks to the efforts of healthcare workers, the vaccination roll-out is a fast-moving situation.  We will update the map as regularly as possible with information as we get it.

Any questions or updated information can be sent to any of the KQuIP team or to Rachel.Gair@renalregistry.nhs.uk.

View the interactive heat-map here.


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