Setting up a Renal Patient Led Advisory Network in the North West

Setting up a Renal Patient Led Advisory Network (R-PLAN) in the North West


On the 10th September 2020, the North West renal network held a sharing and learning virtual event which included patients as attendees as well as presenters, with the aim of sharing their experience on topics important to them. A patient group meeting was set up in preparation for the event. Through discussions with the patients, an idea was generated that perhaps this group should carry on meeting after the virtual event. The idea was proposed to the North West renal network's senior leaders and then to the North West renal stakeholders.

Aims and Objectives of R-PLAN

  • Supporting strategic direction of the North West NHS England Renal Network Meetings with lived experience voices

  • Provide a forum to raise items of strategic importance to the North West Renal Network Meetings

  • Developing future patient leaders within the region.

Work plan

  • Ensure patients are involved in regional quality improvement projects

  • Develop a strategy to engage patients


We wanted to ensure all stages of the chronic kidney disease pathway were represented: CKD; Transplant; In-Centre Dialysis; Home Haemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis; prevention of CKD

NHS trusts involved:

  • Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust 
  • Royal Liverpool University Hospital
  • Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
  • Wirral University Teaching Hospital

Partner organisations:

  • Kidney Care UK
  • National Kidney Research
  • Kidney Information Network
  • Kidney Quality Improvement Partnership (KQuIP)

Membership will be regularly reviewed to ensure equality, inclusion, and diversity

Case study: Improving COVID-19 Vaccination confidence in the North West

The North West renal network asked RPLAN to ensure renal patients in the region were engaging and receiving the COVID-19 vaccination.

A project plan was put together, providing structure and timelines as there was a sense of urgency to complete this project as soon as possible.

Using a framework for the project

To support the network with this improvement work, the group used the IHI Model for Improvement.

The model for improvement provides a framework for developing, testing and implementing changes leading to improvement. It is based in scientific method and moderates the impulse to take immediate action with the wisdom of careful study.’ (NHS Improvement)

  • Test out change on small scale
  • Learn from implementation
  • Identify what does and does not work
  • Minimises disruption from change
  • Simple and easy

Applying the model of improvement to the project


Details of the PDSA cycles of change

Name of test







Develop a patient leaflet (1)


Tara researched and developed a myths and facts A5 leaflet

The draft was sent to RPLAN members for comments

Changes were made to font, colour, and wording


Tara amended the draft


Develop a patient leaflet (2)

recirculate the amended leaflet


RPLAN members commented

Content was agreed. RPLAN logo didn’t look right

RPLAN needed a logo that would fit on documents


Develop an RPLAN Logo


Stephen to design a logo

Members were asked to comment

Colour and font amended

RPLAN logo finalised and attached to the leaflet


Agree leaflet by the renal network


circulate the draft leaflet to the North West renal network

Comments were sent to Tara


Images had to be removed for copyright reasons

Tara amended the leaflet with new images

Our R-PLAN leaflet - download a copy here

Measuring the outcome

UK Renal Registry Vaccination Results

The UKRR produced weekly vaccination reports which were used at a regional level for sharing best practice. If you want to see the data, please get in touch

Leaflet specific patient survey results

Four weeks post publishing, a quick survey was circulated and the results are below:

What’s next for RPLAN_NW?

RPLAN are constantly reviewing their vaccination leaflet, sharing key messages on social media. Please give them a follow:

Twitter @RPLANNW



With the imminent release of the national Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) renal report and launch of the NHSE Renal Service Transformation Programme, members of RPLAN have been asked for their views and opinions to help shape future quality improvement projects in the North West.

To find out more, contact



NICE accredited clinical practice guidelines 

Available here

22nd Annual Report

Analyses about care provided to patients at UK renal centres.

Read the report


A report on the nationwide collection of AKI warning test scores. 

Read the report