The association was founded in 1950 and first met on March 30, 1950, the second nephrology society in the world after the Société de Pathologie Rénale, which met in Paris in February 1949.

The 30 attendees at the first meeting of the association included urologists and obstetricians as well as physiologists and physicians. Arnold Osman became the first president.



A Osman 1950-56

J Robson 1977-80

AJ Rees 2001-04

RA McCance 1956-59

DNS Kerr 1980-83

J Feehally 2004-07

FR Winton 1959-62

MG McGeown 1983-86

P Mathieson 2007-10

CR Wilson 1962-65

AW Asscher 1986-89

C Tomson 2010-12           

DAK Black 1965-68

NP Mallick 1989-92

D Wheeler 2012-14

MD Milne 1968-71

JS Cameron 1992-95

B Hendry 2014-16

WS Peart 1971-74

J Walls 1995-98

D O'Donoghue 2016-18

HE de Wardener 1974-77    

DG Williams 1998-01      

G Lipkin 2018-21



The association met four times annually at the CIBA Foundation rooms in London. Early on, a pattern of inviting distinguished speakers from overseas was established, beginning with Homer Smith in July 1950. In 1953 the association organised the first international meeting on all aspects of kidney function and disease.

After a brief flirtation with one of the original Kolff machines after the Second World War, dialysis was reintroduced into the UK in Leeds in 1956, and in 1959 five new units opened.

In October 1959, the Executive Committee rejected a proposal to devote a meeting to the artificial kidney, although the following year this became a topic of interest at what became the first meeting of the International Society of Nephrology in Evian.

During the 1960s the EDTA became the venue for presentation and discussion of dialysis and it retained a low profile at Renal Association meetings through the 1960s. The Association grew, 91 of 235 members attending the January 1969 meeting.


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